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My Projects

What I'm Working On


DSW (Deutsch-Schweizer­deutsches Wörterbuch) will be an electronic German to Swiss German dictionary based on a language corpus with filtering by canton and nice ortography distribution charts.

PolyPattern 2

PolyPattern will be a new version of PolyPattern, a polyrhythm generator. Some of its features will be improved responsibility, an easier to use GUI, and a step sequencer.

Am I a Psychopath?

AIAP will be a fun web app that measures your conformity to majority opinions on controversial questions in the style of "Does pineapple belong on pizza?".

Abandoned Projects


A polyrhythm generator. Train that nifty 7:11 polyrhythm or learn something even gnarlier - like a 15:16 one!

Vibe Check

Vibe check is a fun little project - answer 10 questions about your mood and get a vibe rating.


A simple tool to easily check the additive and multiplicative persistence of a number.